SQL Saturday #334 , Boston BI Edition

SQL Saturdays are a great way to learn stuff quickly, efficiently, FREE and in a fun way.

I personally attended 4 other sessions and had one of my own session.

I spoke about “How to setup your own BI Infrastructure”. To my utter delight the session was jam packed. no room to stand either. Damn the fact that the project would not turn on. But other than that I was happy to speak about it for one whole hour.

I had to skip a few slides just so that I would be able to finish the more relevant content.

I also attended

1. George Walters’s session on What is MDS and DQS (Master Data Services/Data Quality Services)

2. Mark Vaillancourt’ session on MDX Trek: First Contact

3. Charles Hyman’s session on CDC

4. Justin Randall’s session on SSAS

They were all great. The food was great, the volunteer team of 30 made it look super cool.

I only wish that people who register actually show up. We can find alternate ways to reward them for their attendance. Maybe to maintain a DBA title, you need to attend “X” hours of SQL Saturday or something.

Hats off to Mike Hillwig, Brandon Leach and Robert Padilla for pulling off a great event and finding super speakers and sessions.

If anybody attended my session and would like to comment further on it(barring sucking at setting up a projector) please feel free to do so.